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Unfortunately, the main concept of the mortgage process, “to obtain a mortgage is not the same as to buy apples on the farmers market,” is misunderstood and neglected, not just by the public, but many real estate professionals as well.

Because of the complexity of the matter, for many people, the terms — loan approval and closing — remain a mysterious subject. I might exaggerate a bit here, but it is very common in the mortgage industry to play the guess games about loan approvals and closings at the time of loan application. One game by loan applicant — “Can I get it, or not?” or “Can you do it, or not?" and on the other end the guessing game by a loan officer. An experienced one might say “We will try, I can’t guarantee it." A big red flag, often said by a not-so-experienced loan officer is — “Sure, we’ll do it”.

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There are plenty of considerations when it comes to buying a home. Because there is no shortage of things you should do, sometimes it helps to think about things you shouldn't do! This list will hopefully shed some light on the top "dont's" when it comes to buying a house. Get in touch with the team at CalSun Mortgage to learn more.

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Thinking about financing, purchasing, or refinancing your home? Get in touch with the professionals at CalSun Mortgage to learn more.

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If you are a first time home buyer and decided to buy your new home and need a mortgage, we are here to help! We will explain to you if you can qualify for financing, the terms of proposed mortgage — including monthly payments and term of the loan — and purchase price you can afford. So, to help you better understand and inform you about the entire process, CalSun Mortgage has put together this guide, that you can achieve peace of mind while making the right decision.

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There are many controversies, confusion, and concerns on the Internet and in media about self-employed borrowers. There is no shortage of lenders and mortgage companies advertising their services for self-employed borrowers, and making certain promises. In many cases, those lenders fail to deliver on those promises, creating an enormous deal of chaos, inconvenience, and struggle for self-employed borrowers to the point that some people lose their money. Contact us to learn more about getting approved for a mortgage.


If you are buying a home and intend to obtain financing then they are several reasons why you should get a loan pre-approval before the commencing of transaction.