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First Time Home Buyer Guide

If you are a first time home buyer and decided to buy your new home and need a mortgage, we are here to help! We will explain to you if you can qualify for financing, the terms of proposed mortgage — including monthly payments and term of the loan — and purchase price you can afford. So, to help you better understand and inform you about the entire process, CalSun Mortgage has put together this guide, that you can achieve peace of mind while making the right decision.

Important Tips

Don not buy a new home and enter in purchase transactions before you will speak to a mortgage professional. There are countless people who went through lots of hassle and trouble, lost quite a bit of money, and achieved nothing. Do not repeat their mistakes!

It’s best not to apply for new credit cards, loans, and car financing, as it may affect your credit score and cause extra liabilities. But if you did, inform your loan officer about it.

Employment. If you have any changes in your employment, make sure to address them with your loan officer. Keep the records from your old employment, such as pay stubs and W-2s.

Other changes, such as moving to a different place, should be reported as well.

Our Goals

At CalSun Mortgage, our goals are to exceed your expectations. As the go-to experts in California for all your mortgage needs, you can feel confident about obtaining your mortgage with us.

We will close your loan on time, smoothly, and without any surprises. We will provide you with the best interest rate available on the market and establish for you’re the purchase price you may afford. We don't intend to keep you in the darkness of uncertainty, (oppose to some banks and mortgage companies), but rather explain and keep you informed about every step of your mortgage process, from start to finish.

We specialize in the following: first-time home buyer loans for self-employed borrowers, jumbo loans, investors/non-owner-occupied loans. Our loan programs include: conforming, owner-occupied, purchase, refinancing, refinancing cash-out, FHA, fixed-rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgage, ARM. We don’t have any extra charges for First Time Home Buyer. We treat all our clients with the same dignity respect.

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