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Self-Employed Borrowers – How to Get Your Mortgage Approval

There are many controversies, confusion, and concerns on the Internet and in media about self-employed borrowers. There is no shortage of lenders and mortgage companies advertising their services for self-employed borrowers, and making certain promises. In many cases, those lenders fail to deliver on those promises, creating an enormous deal of chaos, inconvenience, and struggle for self-employed borrowers to the point that some people lose their money. Contact us to learn more about getting approved for a mortgage.

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At Cal-Sun Mortgage we deliver our promises. CalSun has many years of experience and expertise dealing with self-employed. We evaluate your financials and business before the beginning of the transaction and let you in advance about the result. We treat self-employed borrowers the same as salaried borrowers in terms of underwriting especially because the requirements for loan approval, such as credit, income, and liquid assets are the same.

We process and close your loan always on time. We keep you posted regularly during processing and answer your questions without any delay. It is a privilege to serve our clients. We are proud of it and do not take it for granted!

Author: Mitchell Lubinsky, President of Calsun Mortgage Mortgage Expert, with 30 years of experience, 310-210-1053