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We can do for you the following before you begin to look for your new home:

 »  Pre-Qualify you to ensure your eligibility for financing

 »  Compare and calculate monthly payments for various loan programs
 »  Compare and choose the right loan program for you 
 »  Estimate the value of the property you are buying
 »  Determine the maximum loan amount for which you can qualify


Refinance Types


Two Types of Refinancing.

»  Rate and Term Refinance - refinance to lower your interest rate and mortgage payments. 

» Cash-Out Refinance – refinance to take cash out, changing the terms of you existing mortgage. 

»  Mortgage Refinance Benefits

      Reduce your rate and mortgage payments. 
      Accumulate extra savings. 
      Change the terms of your existing mortgage to more favorable, such as to convert Adjustable Rate Mortgage into Fixed one. 
      Pay off your loan faster at lower cost. 
      Get cash out for: 
            - Debt Consolidation, such as credit cards, installment loans and others 
            - College Tuition 
            - Home Improvement 
            - Medical Expenses 
      Consolidate 1st and 2nd mortgages into one.



If You Would Like To:

      1. Lower Your Mortgage Payment.
     2. Improve The Terms Of Your Loan
     3. Pay Off Your Loans Faster
     4. Get Cash Out
     5. Consolidate Your Debt At A Low Interest Rate And Lower Payment



How Much Can I Afford?

» Can someone decide for how much house he and his family can afford? It is a personal decision which in the end definitely requires a professional help. Calsun Mortgage experts will be glad to help you to make this decision. There many factors come into consideration: How much should I borrow? How much can I put toward my down payment? What size monthly payment can I afford?

»   Before to get to the questions above we suggest that you wood do your home work in terms of calculating how much money do you have left for monthly mortgage payments. after you do the following calculations. First you total your regular living expenses, such as food, including groceries and restaurants, gas, car payments, insurance, utilities, phones, internet, cable, loans and credit cards, child and/or elderly care and other. Second you deduct these total expenses from your monthly net income, the dollar amount you bring  home every month after taxes and all deductions.

How Much Can I Borrow?

» This is a question you'll want to get answered before you begin your home search. This is something that we're here to help you with. Our Mortgage Calculators will help you see how your down payment, monthly payment and the amount you borrow are all interrelated. We can answer any questions you may have about the mortgage process. However, the best way to find out if you can receive any financing is to be Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved by a CalSun Mortgage expert.

To get started, simply contact us and let us know a good time to contact you. 


Should I talk to a mortgage professional before looking for house?

»  Yes! Either you are a First Time Buyer, or not, have decided to buy a new home and need a loan, Your first very important step in outset of your purchase journey to find and see a right mortgage professional,  You have to make sure that you are eligible for financing, know loan terms and your fully underwritten loan pre-approval is “handy” whenever you need it.
»  When is the best time to approach Calsun Mortgage? For pre-qualification and pre-approval the best time to contact us before you started to look for your home. We will fully evaluate/underwrite your credit and financial information and tell you if you are eligible for financing or not.. We will explain you our loan programs and help you to choose one. We will tell you monthly mortgage payments and loan amount you can borrow. In addition, we will help you to establish the purchase price of your new home..
» After we have pre-approved you we will be able to issue a Pre-Approval Letter which your Realtor may use for your benefits in negotiating your purchasing..